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Cloud Migration


Our migration approach of applications on cloud, is a proven framework for faster speed of execution, accelerated migration, enabling rapid innovation and greater agility. The framework is supported by a team of cloud experts for repeatable and predictable performance.

Migrations are Tricky

You have designed your cloud architecture and are ready to put your cloud strategy into production. Your current production site is highly utilized, so migrating to your new architecture seems like changing the tires on a moving car. You need to ensure data integrity and that SLA's are met. Impact to users during and after the migration must be minimized and managed properly.

How We Make It Happen

CAP follows a proven methodology to plan for and execute your migration to the cloud. We place a heavy emphasis on planning, proof of concept and testing. When combined with an incredibly detailed and choreographed cutover and rollback process, the risk of unplanned downtime is dramatically mitigated.

Cloud Architecture

Our certified cloud architects design highly available, secure and scalable infrastructure for your mission critical workloads

Cloud Infrastructure Is Different

You have a strategic plan in place to solve critical business challenges by leveraging cloud computing but your current physical architecture may not allow for a straightforward lift and shift migration. And, you’d like to maximize your benefit by architecting your site to get the most of the available cloud resources. Factors like latency, fault tolerance, monitoring and management, database sizing, and disk I/O requirements all must be taken into consideration for an effective site design

Design it right. The first Time

CAP follows a proven methodology to discover your requirements and design a suitable cloud architecture to meet those requirements. The design process is iterative and flexible. CAP can work collaboratively with your existing IT team or provide a turnkey design—whichever fits your IT model best.

Multi-Cloud Capability

Hybrid clouds combine the best of both Private and Public cloud environments: the security and power of a Private Cloud with the cost-effectiveness of a Public Cloud. By strategically sharing storage or compute resources you can create a dramatically more cost-effective solution

Protect Your Vendor Independance

Every infrastructure provider has one thing and only one thing on their mind; getting you to commit 100% to their platform, and to leverage proprietary features that lock you in to that platform for life. Sometimes the value added is worth the lock-in, sometimes it isn’t. The question for each company is when to avoid lock-in, and when to tolerate it

How We Enable Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

With several years of experience working with customers of all shapes, sizes, and priorities, CAP understands when proprietary cloud features can help, and when they should be avoided. CAP can help you avoid lock-in, or tolerate it with contingency plans to maintain your negotiating leverage with your providers


SAP on Cloud Case studies

We apply our expertise on your behalf to help you evaluate specific solutions in relation to our full portfolio of on-premise and cloud offerings
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Optimize and extend procurement processes
with cloud

Procurement Services

An Aerospace and Defense Company needs a strategic sourcing solution that enables the negotiation of new discounts and solution for direct spend. SAP’s assessment for procurement helps the customer identify business and procurement processes opportunities for increased savings. Next, the team evaluates the customer’s IT landscape.

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Quickly improve talent management
with cloud-based solutions

HR Services

An SAP ERP HCM customer is looking for a solution to help them to attract and retain top talent while leveraging their existing IT investments as much as possible. They want the solution to be extremely user-friendly and engaging, however they don’t want to spend a lot of time and e ort creating and maintaining the user interfaces.

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Quickly improve talent management
with cloud-based solutions

Customer Services

A mid-sized company wants to take on larger rivals by providing their customers with a delightful social media experience. They need a way to e ectively collect and analyze social media information so they can better engage with their fans, in uencers, customers and prospects and drive more brand awareness and adoption.