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The very reason we exist & thrive, Our mission is to be world’s best go-to partner for SAP on cloud Implementations. We are a company based out of Australia and have operating offices in the Silicon Valley, Singapore and India. We have a strong SAP on Cloud practice, where we have the best in class experts from the best of both worlds SAP as well as Cloud Infrastructure. We employ a Two in a box ™ approach to offer the required excellence for our customers world-wide. While our offices in APAC are focused on our SAP Practice, Silicon valley is our incubation center where we experiment with latest AI & data centric technologies to transform & disrupt in enterprise scenarios.

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SAP on Intelligent Cloud

soniclab logo is our commitment to SAP on Intelligent Cloud, a collaboration platform for SAP on Azure practitioners and experts (Level 100 to 500).

Microsoft Azure - Our Cloud Partner


Mainstream Services

Get the broadest choice and industry-leading performance when running SAP workloads on cloud. We help organizations fully understand their readiness, enabling smarter planning across the complete spectrum of cloud options, opportunities and challenges.

Cloud DevOps




Identity / AD

Transformational Services

We offer cutting edge technology to accelerate your business focused digital transformation. We have extensive experience migrating SAP into the various public and hybrid cloud architectures possible.

BOT Framework

Cognitive Services


Data Lake

Machine Learning

IP & Solutions

Customers globally are concerned with the costs of cloud varying based on architecture, changing requirements and change of staff.

Can the deployment architecture significantly change the cost structure in cloud platforms ? How to balance between the right SLAs and pricing ? How to automate scripts & policies across 100s of VMs & cloud resources ?

Felix (TM) is our Cloud Automation & spend management platform which can effectively alleviate customers of all cloud management issues.

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Spend Management

Artificial Intelligence tunes Azure SQL Databases

To stay competitive, today’s businesses need to make sure that they focus on their core competencies that directly deliver customer value while relying on their cloud provider to offer an affordable, reliable, and easy to use computing infrastructure that scales with their needs.

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Our Engagement Model

Discover | Prove IT | Transformation | Run for me
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As passionate technology enthusiasts we love to hear from our customers and weave our solutions around their needs and wants. A discovery engagement borders between consulting and listening...

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Seeing is believing and joining the dots outlines the solution. We work on dots and solve the missing pieces and reveal the larger picture to our customers. We believe a Proof of concept, delivery and capability...

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Once we have established what needs to be delivered and understand the outline of the larger picture, we then build the finer details to complete the multidimentional aspects of the solution...

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Once the solution is set in motion and the various dimensions and pieces come together and communicate to collaborate in unison, the ongoing aspects of data and intelligence thereof is engineered...

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Our Partners

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Accelerate your digital transformation by running your SAP environment on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Why choose Us?


Get the broadest choice and industry-leading performance when running your SAP workloads on Azure.

Why choose Us?


CAP helps customers by being your trusted advisor and often have unique experience in specific industries.