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Assess your environment for readiness to move to the cloud

We use Programmatic approach to understand the blueprint of your SAP workload infrastructure and architecture via our envisioning workshops, migration accelerator IPs & use of our "Two in a box" specialists.

Our "Two in a Box" Approach - It is a unique combination of architects, one is a rock solid Cloud Solutions Architect who is certified on Azure and AWS, with many years of experience migrating complex workloads to public cloud. Other is a SAP Solutions architect with years of experience migrating various versions of SAP Business Suite workloads across R3, Hana and S4/Hana

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Increase Business Agility and Maximize Innovation

CAP accelerates digital transformation with managed cloud services for SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. With Minimum of effort, and then quickly transition from development to mission critical operations with business continuity and availability. meanwhile, eliminates investment risk.

What it can do for your business

Whether your goal is to envision the opportunities cloud can offer, analyze your gaps, build your implementation roadmap,prioritize the workloads you put on the cloud, design your cloud, adapt your organization or all of the above, We will help you effectively adopt cloud and realize its benefit

  • Cloud Direction & Scope

    Identify new business and IT transformation opportunities within the context of industry trends and competitive landscape. Improve collaboration between business and technology leaders.

  • Cloud Delivery Approach

    We perform gap analysis on your portfolio lifecycle process, and provide guidance on approaches to cloud services definition, prioritization, sourcing, analysis.

  • Prioritized Workload

    Identify cloud opportunities aligned with your business goals and aligned to industry trends. Develop a new channel for business and IT collaboration.

  • Design a Business Case

    Identify linkage to business value and develop cloud cost models and transition plans. Update your governance framework to account for cloud service selection and design decisions..

Sap Implementation Stories

We Found These stories rather interesting and informative, go ahead and have a look , you will see what we mean

Heard about SAP HANA but not clear what it can do for your business?

Predictive Analytics & machine learning with SAP HANA

SAP HANA-Transforming business Systems

SAP on Cloud Case studies

We apply our expertise on your behalf to help you evaluate specific solutions in relation to our full portfolio of on-premise and cloud offerings
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Optimize and extend procurement processes
with cloud

Procurement Services

An Aerospace and Defense Company needs a strategic sourcing solution that enables the negotiation of new discounts and solution for direct spend. SAP’s assessment for procurement helps the customer identify business and procurement processes opportunities for increased savings. Next, the team evaluates the customer’s IT landscape.

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Quickly improve talent management
with cloud-based solutions

HR Services

An SAP ERP HCM customer is looking for a solution to help them to attract and retain top talent while leveraging their existing IT investments as much as possible. They want the solution to be extremely user-friendly and engaging, however they don’t want to spend a lot of time and e ort creating and maintaining the user interfaces.

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Quickly improve talent management
with cloud-based solutions

Customer Services

A mid-sized company wants to take on larger rivals by providing their customers with a delightful social media experience. They need a way to e ectively collect and analyze social media information so they can better engage with their fans, in uencers, customers and prospects and drive more brand awareness and adoption.